Paola Palaguachi: Interning in Chengdu


Currently, as an intern at Deheng Law Firm, my duties are clear. For the most part, a lot of documents have been shared with me to be proofread and edited. I do my best to add helpful comments and suggestions while editing. Doing this has given me the opportunity to get some insight on cases the law firm has or is currently working on.

A comparison and contrasting of Chinese and American law can be made, which is often interesting. I have been assigned to assist in research for cases which allows me to work on the skill. The work environment is kept neat and clean, as well as friendly. I do find that most workers stay reserved and focused on their tasks. Everyone works independently and sustain communication mostly through their mobile devices. The presence of the head attorney of the office is rare to me when I work due his busy schedule.

There are a few other interns within the office as well, which creates a mixed work environment of young and older experienced people. There is no strict demanding work and it is a great learning experience about the work culture and the people of China.

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Fall 2017: First Mini-Semester Newsletter

First Day of the New Semester at our Center

Yaneydis and Paola are getting to know their new Buddies

All of our students went out to see the Panda Base

Jordan, Akosua, and Kristie love meeting the “Big Bear Cats”

Students were also taken to People’s Park

Joanne and Yaneydis went for a walk around the Park

The first week ended with a trip to Chunxi Road

Jordan is introducing herself to some new Chinese friends

A trip to the Wenshu Temple

Some of our students intern at the prestigious DeHeng Law Office

Eric interns at Lansen Rehabilitation

Eric says that he gets a lot out of his internship

Hanging out with Buddies at the Wenshu Temple

Day-trip to HuangLongXi

Emily, Joanne, and Yaneydis learning about paper-cutting

Movie Night at the Center





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Joanne Gallegos: My Internship in China

During my semester abroad in China, I have the opportunity of working at Unilever. The department that I am currently working with is marketing, and my experience with them has been very rewarding due to the individuals I have encountered so far. These individuals have helped me to process how marketing in China works.

My department works with local restaurants and markets where they negotiate with the business owners. They try to sell their products by informing them how the products will help them to increase their profits. My job is to follow sales associates around to these markets and businesses to learn how well these locations are doing with their products. The flow of the products in these businesses help the company determine if they should continue marketing and selling the products that they have. This also helps them know what to improve in their sales.

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Akosua Opong-Wiredu: Internship in China

I am currently interning at Tahota Law Firm, an international business trade law firm located in Chengdu, Sichuan. After being there for some time, my work consists of doing research, for example, looking into international business laws that would prevent Chinese acquisition of European shares, and research on One belt, One Road.

Though I have many assignments and responsibilities now, this was not the case on my very first day. I arrived on my first day and was given a tour then given 2 contracts to review that took me about 30 mins in total. For the rest of the day I barely had work, but was later informed by my supervisor that this was because she wanted me to adjust to the office environment first.

From observing the office dynamic, the most interesting thing I find so far is how everyone takes a nap after lunch; I was even encouraged to take a nap on my first day! I’ve also noticed that boundaries are extremely limited—on Monday I was messaged by my supervisor’s assistant to do an assignment even though I only come in on Fridays. Although this has happened to me at internships in America, when it comes to my personal time, there is at least an acknowledgment of that as opposed to a complete disregard. All in all I appreciate the assignments I am being given because I can tell I am getting substantial assignments.

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Kristie Perez: Teaching in China

Upon my arrival to China, the initial plan for my internship was to work at a court house in order to gain more experience in the Criminal Justice field. Being an intern at a Law office seemed appealing, but the staff at the Center offered me the opportunity to work with students and teach them English since there were many others in the program who had applied for the position.

Being employed as a writing tutor in America provided me with sufficient experience and the position also sounded more appealing. The interview to work as a writing tutor at Hua Mei International Education and Training Center was excellent and my employer seemed excited to have me. The  first two weeks were very stressful for me because the directions to the location were given to me in Chinese, which was very confusing. I got lost on my first three attempts at getting to work before asking for other directions, which also caused more confusion. My determination to figure out the subway here in China was set in mind and I was not ready to give up.

On the second week of trying to arrive on time without getting lost, I was finally able to understand the proper stop and exit. Aside from my travel issues, the internship has provided me with great experience in teaching to younger students and networking. My ten year old student, Ellen, has a first grade English level, which is the lowest I have ever taught. It requires a lot of patience, explaining, and energy, but every Monday and Wednesday I look forward to going there and teaching her. She is an eager student who is always excited to learn, the staff is also very friendly and helpful.

My employer is understanding of my difficulties adapting to China, and is very supportive of me teaching there. In addition, he encourages me to return to China and teach English or Spanish in the future. Although, this internship was not my first choice, it has helped me improve my teaching, communication, and Chinese skills.

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Eric Wingeard: My Internship in Chengdu

To start off, I will give a brief background of who I am and why I am currently an American student interning at Lansen Rehabilitation. My name is Eric Wingeard, and I am a fourth-year University student from the University of Denver in the US. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in medical physics and biomedical engineering applications, and I came to Chengdu to study Mandarin at Sichuan University as well as to gain exposure to an international professional environment.

Due to my interest in medical technology and the health field, I sought to pursue an internship with Lansen Rehabilitation. One day, I hope to apply my skills in Mechanical Engineering to designing solutions for problems in the biomedical industry. I believe that expanding my knowledge in rehabilitation and therapy techniques can help me to better understand certain physical ailments, which may allow me to design more user-friendly solutions for future clients in the medical industry.

Lansen Rehabilitation is a company located in Chengdu, China that provides therapeutic rehabilitation services to adults, children and infants. From the beginning of my internship process with Lansen, the company’s friendly work environment and patient-centered culture stood out to me. The interview experience was pleasant and very informative regarding the company’s mission. My supervisor, Didier, was also exceptional in assisting me through the interview process and onward to my daily functions at Lansen.  From the beginning of the process, Lansen’s internship program is well thought out and refined, as I was given a thorough schedule of the various aspects of the company I would be exposed to on each day of the internship experience.

From my first few weeks here at Lansen, the staff has been extremely welcoming and helpful throughout my internship experience. Though my Mandarin skills are limited, the staff encourages and supports me in my efforts to communicate in a new language. I also helped teach some of the staff English medical terminology that can help them communicate with their English-speaking patients. The Lansen team also assists me in understanding various aspects of working in a foreign professional environment from daily interactions with the staff and clients. Even after just a short time here at Lansen, it is clear that the staff cares deeply about the development of their coworkers as well as their patients.

During the past few weeks at Lansen Rehabilitation, I have been most impressed with the staff’s expertise in their respective fields as well as the friendly environment of the company. I was able to observe Mars and her pediatric physical therapy team perform various therapeutic techniques with infant and child patients. With each patient, the pediatric team focused on therapy techniques tailored to improving the child’s strength and development. Lansen’s pediatric team also did an excellent job at providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for their patients during the therapy sessions.

At Lansen, I was also tasked with assisting the pediatric team with English documents. This included editing documents and portions of their webpage so that the company could effectively provide information about themselves to the public using English. I also compared the rehabilitation session summary reports from Lansen’s therapists to those from established rehabilitation centers in the United States and provided feedback on how they can improve these documents to reflect western report standards.

I was also given the opportunity to observe one of the physical therapists, Helen, perform orthopedic physical therapy using some of Lansen Rehabilitation’s professional medical devices. From the moment a client stepped into the office, Helen was focused on a providing the patient with a unique therapeutic solution based on her professional diagnosis. With a combination of electro-therapy and massage therapy techniques, I could see that Lansen Rehabilitation’s health professionals created specific rehabilitation methods to best suit the needs of each patient.

Lansen Rehabilitation’s patient-centered therapy process outlines the company’s strong desire to effectively help their clients. From my experience observing the various therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques designed by Lansen’s health professionals, the Lansen team takes their spirit phrase of “Love and Science” to heart. The supportive professional environment and comfortable atmosphere at Lansen is not only beneficial for their patients, but also for foreign interns like me, and I am excited to see more of what Lansen Rehabilitation has to offer!

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Yaneydis Rodriguez: My Internship in China

I have the pleasure of interning at Tahota Law Firm at Palm Springs International Center, Chengdu. It is a large law firm in a special general partnership. At present, it has established offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Jinan, Kunming, Lasa, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Washington, Seoul, Busan.

I work with the Legal Research department at the law firm. I work on the sidelines and pursue small research projects here and there. I have only been interning for two weeks, every Tuesday. I have enjoyed the work I have performed for the company. I have conducted research on overseas law firms that are involved with a lawsuit with a local corporation.

I have edited legal documents for them, which have been transferred from Chinese to English. I have also provided information on American practices. My co-workers have offered me a lot of information on the lawyer profession in China. I have learned a lot about being a lawyer in China. This internship helped me determine that I want to practice law in the New York area.

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Newsletter: Summer II 2017

The Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad enjoyed a wonderful Summer.

These highlights of Summer Session II (academic, internships, and special events) are shown here.


This Summer II, the Center offered a wide variety of courses, taught by professors from American University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the Univrsity of Miami. Also, Prof. John Dulmage of Norwich University remaining in Chengdu to establish new internships.

Above: Public Speaking students participate in animated debates.

Below: Prof. William Zimmerle, whose Philosophy course held debates, holds a special session at the English corner.

Our students visited Chengdu from Pennsylvania State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, University of California Riverside, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and several local institutions.

Several local Chengdu students joined our summer program as part of the Diamond Scholarship Program for Outstanding High School Students. From left to right: Leo Liu, Eric Hu, Dr. Jingyu Wang, and Jason Xia.

The Center held a “Joint Class” with Sichuan University at the Wangjiang Campus. Students from both programs demonstrated their public speaking skills.

Above: A special instructional session on 3-D printing, a new technology to replicate items.

Above and below: Prof. Andrew Bosworth’s Silk Roads class visited Chengdu’s International Railway Port, accompanied by Professors Tanjim Hossain, William Zimmerle, Dr. Jingyu Wang, Prof. John Dulmage and Sara Luo.


Our Center provides students with internship opportunities. Among the providers this summer we included Unilever, Lansen Rehabilitation, DeHeng Law Offices, the Huamei Education Center, and LaoWai Here.

Above: Justin Myers on the left, with Lansen Rehabilitation supervisor, and Mike Salas on the right.

Above: Ericka Leynes at work at DeHeng Law Offices.

Above: Omar Sadek practices his teaching skills with the Huamei Education Center.

Above: Visiting a new internship provider, from left to right, with staff member Danica Sun, Prof. John Dulmage, a representative for the social workers, Dr. Jingyu Wang, and another worker representative.


Some of our students, with Professor Michele Barto and Tanjim Hossain, at Chengdu’s Global Center.

Above: Students visiting the Wenshu Monastery and neighborhood, led by staff member Sara Luo, center.

Above: Visiting Dujiangyan’s Panda Park, led by staff member Mandy Li.  Below, Amol Agarwal adding his good humor.

Above: Our intern, David Hampton, leads discussion for the new English Corner program. This non-profit program is an outreach activity, designed to introduce our Center to the wider community.

Above: Our Center’s dance class brought together both students and faculty.

Above: Wanye Jones poses in the Sun at the Ancient Town near Chengdu. Wanye’s home university is the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Student Ruby Krause makes some heartwarming statements at the Farewell Ceremony.

Overall, this was an outstanding summer, and we will cherish the memories.

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Mike Salas: My Internship in China

Mike Salas, on the right, at his internship with Lansen Rehabilitation in Chengdu, China. Mike came to the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

My Summer 2017 Internship Experience at Chengdu LANSEN Rehabilitation Clinic Co., Ltd.

My 10-week internship at Lansen Rehabilitation Clinic allowed me to gain a lot of experience in different areas of the company, which I greatly appreciated as it tested how well-rounded of an employee I was in addition to just specifically learning more about the health field.

Some of my time was focused on teaching English to the 14 Chinese staff that consisted of receptionists, physical therapists, pediatric therapists, and yoga instructors. This involved making an 18-page assessment test for them to take to measure how proficient they were with the English language, by creating a reading and writing section with questions ranging from elementary to advanced-level English.

I also had exposure with their inclinometer, a device that was used to measure the angle of a patient’s spine to see if it was abnormally distorted. Then, the physical therapy division introduced me to the machines they used to perform a physical examination for their patients and test their bone density. One of the physical therapists there, Helen, also let me test two machines on myself that provided either magnet therapy or electron therapy.

In addition, I composed a draft for a contact that will be used to legally state the terms and conditions of the services that will be offered between Lansen and a division of the government. Additionally, I correctly translated documents describing Lansen’s services in child massage, sports injury, orthopedics, and physical therapy, and I had the opportunity to work at the front desk with the other receptionists as new and returning patients came in and left the clinic.

Overall, my summer internship has tested me on how well I can perform in the workplace when pushed outside of my comfort zone, especially with a culture and language that I still have much to learn from!

I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself while staying on top of values like communication, uncertainty, and trust so that I could stay on track with my co-workers at Lansen. I hope I can continue to push myself like this in the set of successes and failures I will encounter in my next work opportunity, whether in America or abroad!




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My Internship in China, by Ericka Leynes

Ericka Leynes, from St. Peters University, successfully completed an internship in Chengdu, China, with the DeHeng Law Offices.

Ericka’s summer internship and academic experience with a Professional Development class was organized by the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad.

Below, Ericka relates her internship experience.

My Internship Experience

Being able to work in DeHeng Law Offices has been an amazing experience for me. At the beginning of my internship, I did not know what as I was going to expect. I thought I was going to be left out, since I was only a junior majoring in International Business and the rest of the Chinese interns had their Master Degrees in Law.

However, Ms. Zhu introduced to some of the lawyers, secretary, and office managers. After Ms. Zhu introduced me to the staff in the firm, she let me pick where my desk to work.  I felt relaxed and the firm felt pleasant to work in.

I did not get to meet Mr. Wu the first time I started to work in DeHeng because he was away for a business trip. The following week, I got to meet him and he was friendly and introduced me to all of the lawyers and staff in the office. The tasks that I worked on included editing and drafting legal documents; giving presentations on representing the firm to international students visiting the firm; and researching about international laws and intellectual property. In addition, I got to participate in daily meeting with the lawyers and attend meetings with potential clients.

I also got the opportunity to work with four other interns; two of them were from Korea, one was from France and then the other was from Hong Kong. It was nice that I got to work with other interns in the firm.

At first, I was working part-time because I had a class in the afternoon for four days of the week. In the second week of July, I began working full-time. I looked forward to coming into work to work with the other fellow interns and to greet the other lawyers in the office. There was always an assignment for me to do with the other interns, so there was not a day where I felt bored.

This internship has provided me knowledge about intellectual property in the People’s Republic of China, in the United States, and in other countries around the world. It has also provided me a glimpse of what the life of a lawyer is like and it made me realize that I enjoy the work and the type of environment.

Even though I am majoring in International Business, I have found a career that I can combine my love for the law, travel, and business. I have decided to that I want to become an International Business Lawyer that specializes in Intellectual Property.

I am grateful to be given this opportunity to work at DeHeng Law Offices because it has helped me grow as a person, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and discover what is my passion. Everyone in DeHeng Law Offices was friendly and they made me feel welcomed. I am delighted that I got to develop a close friendly relationship with my supervisor, Mr. Wu and one of my coworkers, Mr.Yan. I am also pleased to have befriended and become close with the interns that I worked with in the firm. I am excited to use my experience that I have gained in my future career.





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