Shannon Hardy: My Time in China

Shannon Hardy (on left)

An Experience of a Lifetime: Discovering Chengdu

The first time I stepped off of the plane at Shuangliu Airport, I knew at that very moment that my experience in Chengdu would become a life changing event. Fast forwarding five weeks later, I feel a strange sense of familiarity in being in Chengdu. From taking short walks to wowo, visiting Raffle City to get Happy Lemon lemonade, I soon assimilated to being in Chengdu. Even my Mandarin has progressively become better, and can engage in simplistic conversation. I never thought in a million years that I would be China learning Chinese and learning about and understanding the Chinese way of living. The best aspect about being here is meeting new Chinese friends, going to hotpot and also going on trips. Just last Saturday, we visited Wenshu Monastery.

From the Metro, it’s only four stops up from Huaxiba station and a five minute walk. Alongside the students from g-meo program, the Chinese students came along. Out of the mini trips we have taken, I can honestly say that Wenshu Monastery has been my favorite. Being there was definitely an eye opening experience, especially walking amongst Buddhist monks and seeing their way of life. There were so many different Buddhas to pray to and they even had a statue of the Indian goddess Shiva, who is the goddess of creation and destruction.

Afterwards, we walked the streets on the Monastery and bought souvenirs.I bought a bracelet, a necklace and also a fan.  The weather was really pleasant, I can’t wait to discover more of Chengdu and what it has in store for me.

Thank you!

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Emily Owens: Life and Internship

I am second person from the right, in the tank top – making moon cakes for the Moon Cake Festival.

I’m Emily Owens and I am studying Sports Management at Concordia University Chicago. I am Chinese, but I was brought to America and now live in the Chicago area.

Above, some of the Sichuan food.

The idea of studying abroad had always appealed to me as I was growing up. It became even more important as my other friends were starting to study abroad during college. I had always wanted to study in China because the culture is fascinating and that I was born there.

I did not know if I was able to study in China because my university did not originally advertise studying abroad in China. Luckily I was able to talk to my university and they set me up with G-MEO. It has been such a great experience so far.

In on the left above, with my fellow classmates at Wenshu Monastery.

Below, I include photos of my internship with Lansen Rehabilitation.

Lansen is a health care provider specializing in occupational therapy, post-surgery recovery, and general wellness. They even have yoga. I was able to assist in a wide variety of therapeutic procedures, tutoring English, and supervising the children’s room.

This was a great opportunity.



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Grant Wuerslin in Chengdu

Grant Wuerslin: Carroll Univerity / Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad

The culture of Chengdu is vibrant and incredible. Throughout the national holiday, art festivals and street parties abound – the city never sleeps and rarely slows down. However, it doesn’t feel crazy or dizzying. Everything moves at a constant speed that’s easy to jump in to.

People are friendly and relaxed – it’s a city that knows what needs to be done, and knows there’s time enough to do so. Attached are a few pictures from the art festival from over the holiday.

Above: The music scene is happening in Chengdu.

Below, I was also able to pursue a marketing internship in Chengdu, with EffectMobi, a company in the high-tech zone.






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Nhi Luc: Chengdu American Center

Here I am in the Southern Sea Bamboo Forest with my GMEO T-Shirt!

I appreciate GMEO for supporting me this amazing study abroad opportunity in Chengdu. I am a Communications Major at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, British Columbia. My family is from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

From now on, seeing any Panda bears will recall my beautiful memories of Chengdu. Like the Pandas, I appreciate bamboo.

This picture was also taken in the Southern Sea Bamboo Forest. I love the peaceful atmosphere at this lake in early morning. I wish I had more time to stay here. I guess one month is really short… I need more time in China!

This is me and my “da ge” (big brother) classmate in the field trip for Silk Road class. In that class, I made a presentation on the spread of musical instruments along the Silk Roads.

We went to Jinsha Museum which shows the history of Jinsha civilization founded in Sichuan province thousands years ago.

This is me playing “dan tranh” (Vietnamese zither or Yue Nan guzheng) on my teacher’s birthday. I love learning and exchanging cultures. My teacher was really happy to receive this gift from me (hehe!).

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Sangyub Lee: My Summer in Chengdu

My Intermediate Chinese class, with classmates and teacher. I’m making progress!

My name is Sangyub, and I’m originally from South Korea, near Busan.

I’m a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, at the Vancouver campus (Canada). I am a Business Major, and of course it is important to know China first hand. I now have a much better understanding!

I came to Chengdu with G-MEO’s program at the Chengdu American Center.

On the bus, after going to the Yoga festival.

My first time eating Chinese style Jiajangmian. It was totally different from Korea’s style.

I’ve made friends here from around the world.

Exploring Chengdu, with my Silk Road class mates. My Summer in Chengdu was an outstanding experience!

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Alexander Jarencio: G-MEO in Chengdu

My name is Alex, and I am a nursing major at Carroll University in Wisconsin. My family originally came from the Philippines, and is now based in Chicago.

In all honesty, China wasn’t my first pick when I thought of a study abroad, but after some convincing I am so humbled by the amazing experience I have had here. Honestly I would not have picked anything better, the people are friendly, and the memories are timeless.

I have met so many people and experienced so many different things. It has opened my eyes not only to culture, but to different lifestyles and new opinions. I have also realized that there is so much more to learn about yourself when you travel. I have learned to let things go and to move on, and to appreciate things that come into my life. Everything is fleeting, and should be appreciated while it lasts.

Here I am on the subway with new friends that I have made!

This is me levitating at the Wenshu Monastery!

This is near the Giant Buddha.  I just thought this was a cool pic.

Water wars with friends and the locals :)


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Stephanie DiLoreto: Unilever Internship in China

My internship at Unilever was one of my favorite experiences with G-MEO and its American Center for Study Abroad, in Chengdu, China.

I  didn’t expect to be so welcomed and included at such a prestigious company, but everyone treated me with respect and kindness.

I worked closely with two people named Ian and Wendy, and Ian took me to various places including paying a visit to some customers and examining their displays. We then determined which customers had strong displays versus weak ones, and I was able to put together a presentation about it on PowerPoint.

I also went to visit chefs with one of Unilever’s saleswomen named Sabrina. We visited two hotels and met with four executive chefs and they let me listen to their conversations and I was able to understand bits and pieces of what they were saying and when I didn’t understand something, Sabrina translated for me. I also learned some useful skills on Excel. I was given a little quiz on my previous Excel abilities, and then learned important  skills that the company’s employees need to know.

Overall, I learned so much about marketing and sales and I gained hands on experience while working with an amazing team.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been an intern at Unilever in China!

I know I will use what I learned in my future career.

Thank you!

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Teach in China! Andrew’s Experience

When I first came to the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, in the Spring of 2014, I was pleasantly surprised.

Most of the classes are small – about 5 to 15 people – and there is a great sense of team spirit. The academic atmosphere is enhanced by being at the Huaxiba Campus of Sichuan University (SCU), one of the top-10 universities in China.

With students (above).

The famous Clock Tower near to our Center, with staff and visitors from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

A Public Speaking class (above)

Our Center students with an SCU student.

Also, our Center provides faculty and students with opprtunities to travel within China. For several semesters in a row, we have been given the opportunity to go to Xi’an the ancient capital city.

The Muslim quarter of Xi’an (above).

Also, there is always a new opportunity around the corner – an opportunity for learning more about China, for professional development, and for making a positive contribution on relations between the two countries.

With a Center student and staff member at the Chengdu Sports University.

Being with the Chengdu American Center, faculty are periodically invited to judge English speaking contests in high schools (above), and be a guest lecturer with programs at Sichuan University (below).

Extra-curricular and sporting options are many in Chengdu. Touch rugby is a lot of fun, and so too is tackle rugby.

The Chengdu Pandas, with some Kunming Flying Tigers (above).

Some of us Pandas organized touch rugby day at Sichuan University.

There is a lot happening in China, especially in Chengdu, with 15 million people.

My curiosity drew me to this construction site (above), and I was given a tour (below).

For the curious person, who likes to explore the world, China is a must.

Thank you!




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Austin Returns to China: Alumni Update

Austin Harris, from Carroll University in Wisconsin, came to China in the Spring of 2015. He became a g-MEO campus Ambassarod upon his return to the United States.

Estella Fu (from g-MEO in New York) and Austin Harris, alumnus.

Austin’s experience with the Chengdu American Center changed his life. Now he has immediate plans. In his own words:

First, I will be participating in a month-long retreat at a Buddhist monastery inTaiwan, composed of courses, meditation, and a cultural tour of the island.

After that, I will be heading to Hong Kong to start a full-time position at the Lingnan University, as a Visiting English Tutor in the English Language Support Centre.

The bright lights and big city of Hoong Kong.

Practicing teaching English in Chengdu.

Indeed – Austin Harris completed a successful Spring 2015 semester in Chengdu, and he now finds himself living and working in Hong Kong. Congratulations!


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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 was a wonderful experience for all involved!

Our Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, on the Huaxiba Campus of Sichuan University, hosted 59 students. Interestingly, about one-third of the students were American nationals and two-thirds were Chinese international students returning to China.

We offered 10 different courses at the Center in conjunction with Farleigh Dickinson University (FDU). Our professors arrived from FDU, Norwich University, Arizona State University, Carroll University and Sichuan University.

  • Public Speaking
  • Oral and Written Report
  • Technical Communications
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • The Silk Roads
  • Elementary Chinese I
  • Intermediate Chinese I

We hosted guests from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana.

Our students and visitors from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana (above).

Our Center connecting to Southwest Jiaotong University. The Center’s Director, Dr. Jingyu Wang (center) and Sara Luo (to her right), with Susan Rochouh of Stevens Insitute of Technology (to her left).

Our Public Speaking course was so popular that we created two separate sections.

Also academically, we added a completely new course this Summer: The Silk Roads. This covered both historical and current issues regarding China’s economic, political and cultural connections.

The Silk Roads class, with Dr. Olga Davis’ Oral and Written Report, visiting the Buddhist Wenshu Monastery. Dr. Kevin Guilfoy explaining Buddhist philosophy (above).

The Silk Roads class at the 4,000 year old Jiansha site of Old Chengdu.

At the Leshan Giant Buddha (above)

This Summer term we also featured an internship with Unilever (below).

Thanks to our active staff and interns, our students also had the option of participating in many Special Events. These are designed to deepen understanding of Chinese culture and to have fun. Some of these events are shown below.

The Chinese art of papercutting.

Tianfu Square

The Du Jiangyan Yoga-Festival (above and below).

At the Bamboo Forest (above and below)

At the Chengdu Museum (above)

Our basketball club (above).

Students at the LiuJiang Ancient Town (above).

U.S. Consul General Raymond Greene addressing students at the Farewell Ceremony, and below with Dr. Olga Davis.

Ni’jah Richardson receiving a certificate from China’s Foreign Affairs Office.

Back home at the Chengdu American Center, Huaxiba Campus of Sichuan University.

Thank you – and we look forward to seeing you here in Chengdu, China!




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