Newsletter: Summer I 2017

The Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad enjoyed a wonderful Summer I session, with students and faculty from many institutions, including Penn State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Carroll University, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, University of Colorado, Norwich University, Stevens Institute of Technology, St. Peter’s University, University of Michigan, Lafayette College, University of Rhode Island, Northeastern University, and Beloit College.

The International Yoga Festival in Dujiang Yan

Tristan Francis, bound for Harvard’s MBA program, provides a workshop on Public Speaking.

Liu Jiang Ancient Town

Tai Chi at the Center

Prof. Andrew Bosworth’s Public Speaking class

Calligraphy at the Center

Sports Day at Huaxi Campus

Above: Jinsha Site Museum

In class

Rugby Day

Tasting pineapple on Jinli Street

The Detective Game

Dr.Jingyu Wang with students and US Consulate representatives

Farewell Ceremony



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My Internship With DeHeng Law: A Summary

By: Iryna Chorniy (St. Peter’s University)

I am beyond pleased with my internship at DeHeng Law Firm. At first, when I started my internship at DeHung I was not sure what to expect. Unlike all the Chinese interns who had a Master Degree in Law, I was only a sophomore majoring in Political Science.

Before my interview, I was both intimidated to intern at one of the most successful law firms in China. However, after meeting Mr. Wu and later Mrs. Zhang, I felt at ease and could not wait to start my internship. From day one I realized that DeHeng Law Firm is a perfect match for me.

My coworkers and supervisors made sure that I feel welcomed by making me tea, letting me pick  my own desk, and introducing me to every single lawyer, secretary, and office manager. My internship has allowed me to actually learn about how to be a lawyer by watching my supervisor for two days per weeks. Just by closely observing the lawyers around me, I have attained many important skills that I would not have learned in law school, but which are needed in order to be a successful lawyer.

It was fascinating to see how my supervisor used different techniques to fit a particular situation. The lawyers were always willing to assist me with any questions that I had and would find time to talk to me and help me understand Chinese law and culture better.

Every single person whom I met at DeHeng has taught me something and contributed to my overall experience in China in a positive way. While I mainly focused on editing and drafting legal documents or researching present cases and legislations, I was never bored because every day I was challenged and learned something new. For example, drafting legal documents helped me acquire knowledge about the laws of the People’s Republic of China, while attending meetings with potential clients taught me how make good first impression to ensure future cooperation.

Soon Tuesdays and Fridays became my favorite days of the week and I could not wait to take on a new task. Also, to my surprise my supervisor valued my opinion and asked about my thoughts on different cases. I was treated more as an equal than a subordinate by the people around me and developed close friendship with my supervisor and legal advisers working near me. I felt truly appreciated, respected, and loved by my coworkers who are both accomplished lawyers and humble and kindhearted individuals. I feel very fortunate and grateful for this exceptional opportunity and for all the people I have met and for everything that I have learned at DeHeng Law Firm.

This internship has helped me to grow as a person, learn about the differences between American and Chinese law, push myself outside my comfort zone, and I cannot wait to use the experience that I gained in the future.

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Spring 2017: Second Mini-Semester Newsletter

Spring 2017 was a fun and exciting semester, and we finished out the Spring with high spirits. Above, Kaina Arias (Concordia University of Chicago) and Iryna Chorniy (St. Peter’s University) wear the traditional dress at the Sichuan Opera.

They are joined below by Alexa Pieragowski (Rose Hulman Institute) and Joseph Johnston (University of Colorado/ Boulder).

Kaina and some friends took the high-speed train to Chonching, a thriving industrial city famous for its hot pot and river boats.

Above, Karina Moreno (Fairleigh Dickinson University) shops for curiosity items on Jinli Street.

Above, Pro. Andrew Bosworth’s Professional Development class visits Decathlon for a manager’s tour, joined by Professor John Dulmage and intern Michelle.

Above, David Hampton (Norwich) returned to Chengdu for another semester, making great progress with his Chinese lanaguage skills.

Above, our cohort playing sports with the Amazing ILTS students. The students played touch rugby, ultimate frisbee, and badminton.

Who can spot our students? Karina M., Kaina, Iryna and David joined the event “Youth League Debate Challenge.”


Above, Karina Ramos (Norwich University) cooks up an Italian dinner for our food celebration, and she celebrates her birthday in the Mexican style, including having her face smeared with some frosting.

Above, Alexa and Kaina surrounded by panda bears at Jinli Street.

One of our 2014 students, Joseph Hope (Norwich) passes through Chengdu on his way to Tibet, after having visited dozens of countries in just two years. To his right, Dr. Jingyu Wang, our Center’s Director, and Professor John Dulmage.

Joseph, Iryna and Karina M. visit a music group of Chinese students associated with the Sichuan Conservatory.

Above, our cohort visits a Chengdu mental health community center, with Prof. John Dulmage and our Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Sherry Sun.

From Left to Right: Vice Chairman Zhu Yicheng of the Sichuan Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Jingyu Wang, Director of Chengdu American Center; Ms. Liu Yiqin of the Sichuan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Dr. David Change, Chairman of GMEO; Dr. Sherry Sun, Chief Operating Officer; Prof. John Dulmage; Mrs. Cecilia Chang; Prof. Andy Guth; Ms. Diao Yuan Yuan, Vice President of Open University in Chengdu; student Joseph Hope; and student Joseph Johnston.

Above and below: Our magical farewell dinner, on the rooftop of a beautiful hotel, with singing in Chinese. The dinner included barbeque food, including oysters.

Our Center’s Director. Dr. Jingy Wang, entertains guests from the Foreign Affairs Office, and delivers our farewell speech.



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High-Tech Internship: Joseph Johnston

With my internship with Effect Mobi, I became friends my team and developed a good grasp of their strategies. The company is a Chinese digital advertising firm, composed of four teams, each  focusing on complementary tasks.

The first team is the legal team, responsible for any legal questions or issues. The second is the technical team, with the job of building and maintaining the necessary software.

The third team is the provider team, working with digital advertisement providers such as websites to fill their available advertising spaces.

The fourth and last  team is the seeker team, searching the web for companies or any organizations that would like to advertise their products or services but have difficulty finding an appropriate host for their advertisements. The provider and seeker teams work closely together to connect those who want to advertise with those who can advertise.

I was assigned to the seeker team. There were seven of us, and our primary source for finding organizations that would like to advertise themselves was the social networking site LinkedIn. We would pour through company listings, which would change by the hour, examining what we could about companies and whether they may be a candidate for our advertising providers. If we thought so, we would email the company and discuss further.

Though LinkedIn is used most the company, I am happy that I was able to introduce my team to another site called AlgelList that focuses on connecting investors with early stage companies and as such provides a lot of public information on these companies.

I think the best way I was able to assist my team was by helping them communicate with partners and clients in English over email. Since Effect Mobi focuses on customers around the globe, they communicate with them in English as an international language. Reading emails and understanding what the sender intended to say was often difficult for them, so knowing English well enabled me to help them communicate over email more efficiently.

For a total of ten weeks working at Effect Mobi, I had a lot of fun working closely with my team. Interacting with those from another country with another culture and another language, especially in the context of problem solving, has presented many humorous situations due to our different perspectives. For example, when we read emails together, we often had different ideas of what the sender was trying to communicate, and comparing our ideas and arguing over the sender’s intention was particularly funny and engaging for us.

I am grateful for having had this opportunity.

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G-MEO’s Spring 2017 Excursion: Xi’an

The G-MEO Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad recently led the Spring 2017 students on a trip to Xi’an, China’s historical city and former capital during the Tang Dynasty.

Here are some of the most memorable moments.

From left to right: Iryna Chorniy (St. Peter’s University), Joseph Johnston (U of Colorado/ Boulder, Alexa Pieragowski (Rose Hulman Institute), Kaina Arias (Concordia U of Chicago), Karina Ramos (Norwich U) Prof. John Dulmage (Norwich U), Prof. Andy Guth (American U), and Karina Moreno (Fairleigh Dickinson University) - with intern Michelle Wu taking the picture.

Enjoying the scenery rolling by.

Above and below, our students in the Shaanxi History Museum.

Above, the famous “Terracotta Warriors” that are being restored.

Above, posing in front of the enormous display for the warriors.

Above, Prof. John Dulmage is a terracotta warrior!

Above and below, visiting the HuaQing Palace.

Above, at the famous statue by HuaQing Palace.

Everyone was surprised at how large the terracotta warrior display was. Students were also impressed at the magnificence and long history of Xi’an.

Fortunately, the cohort enjoyed beautiful weather with clear blue skies. All in all, this trip created a memory to cherish.

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Spring 2017: First Mini-Semester Newsletter

This Spring 2017 semester has been busy and fun for the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, with G-MEO.

The Spring 2017 cohort enjoying a the Panda Center. From left to right: Karina Ramos (Norwich University), Iryna Chorniy (St. Peter’s University), Kaina Aria (Concordia University of Chicago), Joseph Johnston (University of Colorado/ Boulder), Alexa Pieragowski (Rose Hulman Institute), David Hampton (Norwich University), Karina Moreno (Fairleigh Dickinson University) and our staff member Mandy Li.

Students visiting the Wenshu Monastery with Chinese buddies from Sichuan university.

An SCU Buddy and Joseph lighting incense.

Here, students from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music playing traditional Chinese folk music.

Iryna and Karina wearing traditional Chinese dresses.

Wednesday mornings we play various sports: touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee, badminton and basketball.

Chasing down Michelle, who is our new intern.

Above: Playing cards with Chinese students at the English corner.

We also learned how to play Ma Jong this semester.

Above and below: Playing “Running Man” with students from the University of Electronics, Science and Technology of China. This game was adapted from a popular Chinese television show.

Joseph as a Running Man.

Students visiting the Chengdu International Sister Cities Exhibition Hall. The students are writing what they like about Chengdu.

Above: Students enjoying a family visit in Chengdu.

Our Spring 2017 semester is halfway over…

Goodbye for now! Another update coming soon!


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Joseph Johnston’s Internship with EffectMobi

Joseph Johnston’s Internship with EffectMobi

Joseph is an Applied Mathematics major at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

In an effort to broaden his base of experience, Joseph is pursuing an internship a little outside of his usual comfort zone by entering the world of online marketing. Joseph chose to conduct an internship with EffectMobi, a company that specializes in e-commerce, gaming, and app development for clients from over 50 countries.

EffectMobi is a startup company founded in 2014, with an offices in Chengdu’s Tianfu Software Park. EffectMobi also has branches in Hong Kong and Beijing, and it will soon establish itself in San Francisco.

“I help them seek out customers (companies with products/services to advertise) by searching the internet. Our department then hands over the customers to another department that outsources the advertising to other companies. It’s a good experience.”

Joseph recognizes that future work in the field of Applied Mathematics or Engineering will demand workers with adaptability, flexibility, and a diverse set of skills. His internship with EffectMobi is a great way to widen his professional experience.


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Iryna Chorniy at DeHeng Law Offices

Iryna Chorniy / DeHeng Law Offices

Iryna Chorniy – a Political Science Major from St. Peter’s University - is conducting an internship with DeHeng Law Offices.

DeHeng Law Offices, based in Beijing, is one of China’s top largest firms with branches in major cities, including Chengdu. DeHeng law firm branched out from the Ministry of Justice in 1993 and became a private partnership.

Iryna is engaging in a range of activities, including editing legal documents for spelling, grammar and other issues. Many of these documents are the English versions of association agreements and business contracts. In fact, corporate law represents a large part of DeHeng’s activities.

Also, Iryna has reviewed the cases for Chinese nationals moving to the United States. This is bringing Iryna up to date regarding US immigration law and the documentation needed for permanent residency.

Iryna is enjoying her internship. “It is very professional and very nice. They make me tea every time I work. I like all the people I work with.”

Iryna’s practical experience with international law will help her in her career goal. She aims to work in the international and diplomatic field in the future.

For Iryana, this experience is personally and professionally valuable.


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Karina Ramos: A Research Internship

Karina Ramos / Sichuan Academy of Social Science

Karina Ramos will perform an internship with the Sichuan Academy of Social Science (SASS). The SASS is a prestigious governmental think tank devoted to research and analysis of various social issues.

Founded in 1978, this think tank provides the Sichuan Provincial government with precise analysis that is often used for economic development.

Karina Ramos is majoring in Criminal Justice at Norwich University. She will be focusing on topics related to criminal justice, prison reform and the courts in China. She will also compare and contrast the Chinese and American legal systems.

Books, books, everywhere…

The SASS think tank, located on the outskirts of Chengdu, combines rigorous researched with a relaxed, natural setting that is family friendy. In fact, the principles of SASS include “innovation,” “opnenness,” and “harmony.” These qualities make for an effective “think tank,” as people need time and space for contemplation.

Karina Ramos is enjoying an internship that is intellectually stimulating in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

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Karina Moreno’s Innovative Internship

Karina Moreno / DWRtisan

Karina Moreno – a Psychology Major at Fairleigh Dickinson University - is conducting an internship with DWRtisan, a dog training and walking facility.

DWArtisan stands for “Dog Walking Artisan.” Their slogan is “dog walking makes you a better person and changes the world for the better.” The theories and training techniques are based on Cesar Millan’s Pack Leader theory, which regards dog walking as the most important training tool.

Karina’s internship includes actively training and walking dogs using the latest theories in animal psychology and animal training.

Karina will also help DWArtisan uses the most popular and advanced media in China to share their English-version of training techniques. Karina’s tasks will include writing blogs on Weixin, Weibo (like Twitter) and video channels. Karina will also help the company conduct mini experiments between various pet products, and test products then provide recommendations to users.

Regarding her supervisor, Karina says “The manager, Rock, is really friendly and generous!”

Karina enjoying a little “dogtime” with her internship!


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