Ivan Ilic: Crunchtime

It has been a crazy, busy, and very hectic week in Chengdu. I have certainly felt the building pressure of the final assignments due for my classes. Procrastination has always been one of my best characteristics. Although there is only a little time left of my first semester in Chengdu, I have still managed to make time in order to explore around Chengdu as well as the night life of Chengdu. One of my biggest flaws has always been the challenge of balancing my school work with my social life. The fact that I am almost 7,000 miles away from my home university certainly doesn’t help. It seems like it is a constant struggle of choosing between delving deeper into this magnificent city or staying in. Looking back onto this semester I wish I had been able to better balance out my schoolwork through the semester instead of letting it pile up until the end. I have missed some sweet opportunities for excursions but nonetheless my time in Chengdu has been a blast since day one. My friends, Dan and Jack, explored the sister city of Chengdu this past weekend, Chongqing, although I wasn’t able to venture out into Chongqing, I have definitely added that to the list of places I want to visit before I leave China in June. I have only heard good things about Chongqing, not only from Dan and Jack, but the locals of China as well.

Back in the States I am typically not the type of person to partake in the nightlife of my home city, Manchester, New Hampshire. The vast bars, clubs, discos, and ktvs of Chengdu do not compare to any place I have ever been to. To me it is almost as if the city never sleeps. There is always a new place to explore in Chengdu, no matter what time it is. One of the most recent, and by far my favorite place, I have discovered along the help of some friends in the program is the area of Lan Kwai Fong. There are endless types of clubs in that area. All types of sounds echo through the area, vast lights flash and light up the sky and surrounding buildings. From what I have gathered this area seems like a very elegant and highly sophisticated place. Most of the clubs we ventured into were on the expensive side for Chengdu’s standards. A lot of these clubs had chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, first-class customer service, and live performances. Putting into words, the atmosphere in this area doesn’t even do Lan Kwai Fong any justice. Most of the people are friendly and everyone is dressed in a tasteful way. For the thirty something days that we have been here I have never had a hostile encounter with anyone, which really surprises me. I have nothing negative to say about the nightlife here in Chengdu because every experience has been a memorable one. I cannot even imagine the nightlife of a bigger city like Shanghai or Beijing. (Both of which I hope to explore while I am in China). I am excited to see what else China has in store for my friends and myself in the two months that we have left here.

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