Tequon Brady: Road to Chongqing

I have been so busy the last few weeks from rugby to internships to school work and everything else in between. But this blog is about my rugby tour to Chongqing; my first ever tour. A tour is basically a weekend tournament between 3-12 teams.

Road to Chongqing!

So we leave from East Railway Station at about 10:30 AM and were off to Chongqing! It is a two-hour train ride to Chongqing. While we’re on the train the captains for the men’s and women’s team explain each sides’ respected tour rules. We all receive special names to be called during the tour; my name is Ginke. As the train rolls along, the ride is filled with jokes and laughs. Rugby has definitely diversified my friend group; I’ve become friends with people all over the world and I am incredibly grateful. We finally arrive at the Chongqing station and immediately I feel the difference. It is blistering hot, and I immediately make my way to the nearest Wowo for some cold H20. We catch the subway and we are now off to the pitch.  We are met at the subway stop by a Chongqing player who escorts us to the field.

Game Time

We arrive at the pitch and the pre-game jitters immediately begin. This would be my first ever competitive game and I had to make a splash. My captain tells me to sub on for one of the players on Chongqing’s team due to injury. Immediately, I am into the action and I make a tackle and I hear my Chengdu teammates cheering and I knew I could hold my own against these guys. The game continues and I sub off to get ready for my own game. As our game time approaches Ian, my captain, tries to unnerve me and tell me to do — what I know best. The ball is kicked off to start the game and immediately we’re off. I receive the ball on the wing and I’m off to the races. I make a couple of people miss, then I am shortly tackled after a good run. My adrenaline is rushing and all nervousness and anxiousness is gone; it’s 100% instinct and I love every second of it. As the game starts to end, it is clear Wuhan would be the clear winner and Ian subs out the starters. I’m hurt but happy at the same time walking off the field. All of that sorrow will go away in couple hours when we get to the after party. This journey was one hell of a ride and I can’t wait for more memories like this.

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