David Mejia: Mike’s Pizza and Other Things

This week I tried Mike’s Pizza. The pizza was so delicious, it blew Pizza Hut out of this world. I did not even get to take a picture of the pizza, because my friends and I ate it so fast. They don’t even make pizza that good back at home. The monkey knots were delicious. Monkey knots are cinnamon rolls that you dip in frosting. They didn’t have chicken parmesan sandwiches, but that’s OK.

Other than that for food, I have been cooking food for the last week. I go to the fruit market right off the campus, and you can get so many eggs, potatoes, rice, and fruits for a great price. I am kind of late on this but I finally found out how to get to Wangjiang campus by walking. They have many guitar stores nearby there, but they can get pretty pricey. I also went to digital plaza, which is this building that has all technology, laptops, cell phones, speakers, and many more electronics. It is like the heaven of technology. You can bargain for anything in there. I will definitely miss that building when I leave.

American Courts and International Law are amazing classes, and I am very happy to be taking them. I have seen the world a different way in how laws and policies work around the world. I have met many good friends who live in China, and I plan to come back and visit them. Only this time I am going to try to get a 10-year visa.

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