Rashanna Butler: A List of Tips

So there are moments when I have something to say about various topics. With that being said, bear with me as I rant on random things I learned in China:

  • Do not convert prices to USD to justify a purchase: If the price makes your eyes widen, DON’T buy it.
  • Clothes don’t matter: Don’t bring your Sunday best clothes.  If anything, buy clothes in China.
  • If at first you don’t succeed try again: It’s fairly easy to redo things.
  • You can always buy it somewhere else: Almost every store sells the same items.
  • Babies can make you smile no matter the mood: On any given day, you can expect to see an abundance of happy babies.
  • Make a list & complete it: Time management is extremely important.
  • Learning Mandarin isn’t impossible: I impress myself with how much Mandarin I know, even if my sentence structure may be wrong.
  • Take advantage of sunshine: The weather is very unpredictable, so try not to sleep in late.
  • Make your bed miss you: Travel! Go everywhere from People’s Park to Beijing, but do not be a hermit.
  • New friends are good: Networking actually seems to come naturally in China.  There hasn’t been an instance yet when I haven’t made a new friend and gotten some valuable information.
  • Unfamiliar foods make for good times: I have tried many gross foods to be honest with you. However, in a positive light I now know which foods I will not eat again. And they make for great photo ops.
  • Don’t compare and contrast countries: If you keep pointing out differences, you will make yourself miserable.
  • It’s okay to be different: In China you’ll stick out like a sore thumb, but don’t fret – all foreigners do.
  • Budgeting money is actually important: Keep in mind that ¥100 is a decent amount of money until you spend ¥78 on a Red Beard Burger.
  • Be open-minded: I have had countless firsts in China.
  • Squatters are not the end of the world: Practice makes perfect.
  • Smiling will get you far: Approaching every situation with a smile will give you a better outcome.
  • Not having social media is okay: I don’t even have the urge to check mine anymore.
  • The weeks go by very fast: And so do the days.
  • A 16-hour train ride will change your perspective on everything: Which is why I’m taking a 23-hour train ride to Beijing.
  • Communication is key: Make friends so that you have someone to talk to about anything. This will stop you from ranting in your blogs…
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