David Mejia: Planning Ahead

My International Law and American Court classes are getting very interesting and I am learning a lot about how China and the United States work in the international law aspects. I also learned how the arrest methods differ in the countries, such as in the US, we have the right to remain silent but in China, if you remain silent it is a contribution to the crime. I have never asked so many questions in a class before, but it is because I am very interested now that I am in China.

It is getting hot here in Chengdu now, but it feels great to know the cold is away. Yesterday I met this Chinese man playing his guitar and it really made me want to play my guitar again. He was offering me one for 150 yuan and if I would have known this ahead of time, I would have bought it to play during my free time for relaxing. I have yet to go to the Global Center, so this is a priority on my to-do list. There are only a few weeks left, so I must plan ahead carefully. There is a water park that some of my classmates went to. It was a man-made beach and the tickets were pretty cheap for a waterpark.

This week I went fishing in a river, catching some crab and shrimp. It was nice to get in the river of clear water and very refreshing. The hard part was walking a long distance uphill to get to the river. I was beat that day and had a very good sleep. Lastly, I got to try this small, sweet orange fruit that you must peel to eat.  My friend who hand-picked them gave me a whole bag full. I was extremely thankful of that. This was a very great week!

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