Deondre Thompson: Over the Last Weekend

I have a lot of assignments that are coming up due now. I will get them out of the way today, so I will not have to worry about it next week. I can’t believe that this is almost over – just three weeks left. Then, I have to go back to the boring life I have. But, the goal is to come back out here once I graduate for like a month. Save up some money from all the working I will be doing when I get back, and hopefully when I come back out here so that I can go to other places.

I was very busy on Wednesday at the DeHeng Law Firm, and it has not been like that for a while. I think it is because they recently got a new intern whose name is Jessica. She is from Canada and she can speak French, Chinese, and English. I brought my oatmeal with me, so I did not have to pay for lunch, and I have one meal in the fridge at the Student Center so I will bring that next time.

Friday was an exciting day.  I met up with Lina, and she taught me more Chinese words, and I will meet up with her until I leave. In total I have three tutors now, but I do not have to pay for any of them. The program pays for the other two, and Lina is tutoring me as long as I help her improve her English – a win-win outcome. After she tutored me, we met up with her boyfriend who took us out to eat. I was so full and it was fun; I am glad that I went and I got to experience the company of different people.

Yesterday or Saturday were fun, too. At first I was not having fun at the dumpling place making dumplings because I had a disappointing last night, but after everyone started making them and I messed up terribly I had fun. It was Sarah’s birthday!!! I was glad that she had fun with all of us.  We had lots of entrees that came out that were very delicious. The sweet and sour pork, dumplings, fried dumplings, fried rice, eggplant and potatoes, and some beef dish that was good, too. I was so stuffed that I just went back to the dorm and watched Naruto.

Photo #4: I could not even make the rice wrap thing.  It was so hard for me. I felt so stupid, because I was the only one who could not make it.

Photo #5: That is Sarah, the Office Manager, with the crown on her head, because it was her birthday.

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