Quan Graham: Different Types of Meals

Cafeteria Food: I really enjoy eating the cafeteria food; they have a variety of meals which are very cheap and fulling. I usually spend most of my time eating there. They’re also considerate towards those who don’t eat pork like myself and vegetarians. There are floors and stations dedicated to different types of eaters. Lunch starts from 11am until 1pm and dinner starts at 5pm until 7pm every day. You have your own personal card which you put money on for yourself and you scan it to pay. There are only certain days when you can upload money on your card at a certain store. It has to be on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday morning from 9am-12pm.

Street Food: These foods can vary from small stands on sidewalks and corners or family owned restaurants which are lined up down a block. I usually choose to eat at one of those family owned restaurants. My favorite meals to get from those restaurants are chicken fried rice, beef dumplings, and beef and noodles. This is usually more money than the cafeteria food but not much more. It usually costs about 10 yuan and I would usually get a water from a couple of stores down to wash it down with.

Hot Pot: I was very skeptical about this at first and confused about how I would eat this food, but it turned out being a great experience. I went there with a large group of friends and felt as if I was paying a pricy amount but it was worth it. You have to choose the food you wish to eat first and then you share a table with others with a pot that’s so hot that you can cook your food within a few minutes. There’s a very spicy side and the other side has more of a broth taste which isn’t spicy at all. You put your food in on either side until it rises up to let you know it’s finished or you could just time/check on it yourself. Did I mention how it’s all you can eat with an unlimited amount of drinks available? I left there with a full stomach; I suggest you go there with a large group to make the fun more of an enjoyable experience.

American Food Industries: You’ll find many food corporations which will remind you of back home. For example, I’ve seen a couple McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Huts, etc. Even though these stores are very tempting to eat from, they are usually more expensive because of their brand name. I tend to only go there once in a while, when I miss the familiar taste of back home.

Sophisticated Restaurants: I’ve been here a couple of times but only while being treated for diner. It’s very fancy with many dishes which could full up the whole table. I could imagine that it’s pretty expensive. There are many dishes placed on a huge circular, large glass disc which starts to spin counter-clockwise so we could all share in the eating of various dishes.

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