Megan Crowley: Trips Around Chengdu

One of the best parts of studying abroad is meeting so many interesting people, both Chinese natives and foreigners.  Pictured here, students Mackenzie Perry and Aurora Chinchay share a traditional Pakistani meal with some new friends who are studying at Sichuan University for their master’s degree.

On our recent trip to the Wenshu Monastery, we stopped to have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant within the monastery.  Pictured here, student Solomon Crawford makes his way through the line at the buffet, which seemed to be popular among both the visitors and the occasional monk.

This weekend we took a group trip to the Wide and Narrow Alley, which, true to its name, is a series of alleys that have many shops, restaurants, and teahouses. The alley walls are lined with some stone carvings, as well as historical images and art pieces. Here, student Quan Graham joins a group of Chinese tourists in leaving his mark on a wall that allowed visitors to spell out words and pictures using nails.

On Saturday, we visited Chunxi road, a famous shopping street comparable to New York’s 5th Avenue.  Pictured here, (left to right) QiQi Chen, Megan Crowley, Aurora Chinchay, and Koltin Kislia try chicken, beef, squid, and intestine 串串 (kebobs), a common Chinese snack.

On Saturday, our program leaders took us to try the famous spicy Sichuan hotpot! From left to right: Kasim Josey, Kyle Munson, Koltin Kislia, Quan Graham, and QiQi Chen sit down to their first Chengdu hotpot experience, while in the background other students are choosing from an extensive assortment of meat, vegetables, tofu, and noodles to be cooked in the hotpot.

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