Quan Graham: House Made Out Of Earth

Everywhere I’ve ever lived has had aspects which remind me of the home of which I grew up in, initially a stranger to a “strange” culture within a “strange” area, the perfect excuses to use if I wasn’t enjoying my stay and couldn’t integrate my life into the life which was still there as long as there was breath flowing in and out from the body. An experience with shelter and the opportunity to adapt to new living conditions, oh how I loved the new challenge I had to take on, on my own with core values I originally learned from back home and the foreign ones I had to learn from isolation and silence, within the presence of I being alone. My stay in China has made it more clear to me that the world is really mine and I should be exploring it the way I choose, backed with an inventory of knowledge that I should use…in efforts in going out to find, once ignorant with no true sight, but still not labeled blind. I have missed those family members that I have left behind, but just like it was in the past and just like it will be in the future…“it is my time.” It is their time; we should be evolving with the time that never waits for you to catch up, at our own soul speeds and then reunite. I shall be reuniting for a brief, but impactful visit on the 17th of December…I could remember those personalities clothed with their own eccentric temples of the physical, inhabiting worlds upon this world inside their mental. Time won’t tell when I’ll have to be on the run again from these people who love me through years of experience, but I should be okay because of the aspects from all you have taught me about in the word…’home’. Culturally embraced within any environment that can let me be and add on through the existence of me. China’s one of my homes, Chengdu specifically and where ever I travel Pacifically. This experience to the exposure of new life has just set the spark for traveling around different parts of the world in which I want to be a part. Shake me out of my comfort zone, so I could be completely vulnerable to the process of learning and experiencing. Aren’t all of our houses made from the Earth anyway, resources which get shared and passed all throughout, just to be able to build and establish a sense of home while we’re all living together within the harmonies of life’s breaths? It’s important to travel and if you can’t do that then learn something about somewhere else because one culture doesn’t have all of the answers, all cultures collectively have remnants of all that are true with egos which falsify our efforts into one group. Respect what you accept, respect what you don’t get or interpret, Earth is where all human creatures live…never forget.

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