Shakeera Hooker: Changes Abroad

It has been about three months that we have lived in Chengdu, and I have made it my mission to practice Mandarin on a regular basis. Although I have been a bit behind with the tutoring sessions with my tutor, Lily, I feel a bit proud! I can now describe myself, some hobbies, my area of study and what I want to do. At his point I have been starting to do a little planning about what I will do after we go home, and I would like to immediately look for more internships to follow the one I am currently involved in now. While studying in China, America as well as the rest of the world looks very different to me. After the new “mini-semester” began, I had a new class about International Law, and many events happening at this very moment (Russian plane that supposedly flew into Turkish territory shut down and both pilots of the plane shot by Turkish military) are about ten times more important to me than it would have been had I not had this class.

One thing that I have done, and maybe recommend that the other students do, is weigh my suitcase NOW rather than when we are about to leave. I did this now because I don’t really buy too many things because I have work to do, but when we are about to go home I know I will want to buy so many things. I would like to know just about how much more space I have left and how many more things I can buy. Astonishingly, even after purchasing some clothes here, my suitcase still weighs less than thirty pounds! I am also just writing a simple list of things I need to remember to bring home and who still needs souvenirs. The souvenirs I bring will most likely act as Christmas presents…special presents!

A few students here have actually gotten tattoos, and I am contemplating getting one as well….it is a significant event that I would like to mark. However, I would mostly get a tattoo just because I think it would be so different for me. I don’t necessarily think it’s completely necessary for me to mark this event by having it on my body per se. I am very afraid of needles, so this also poses a problem. I have done something a little less extreme but still a little significant while in Chengdu, however. Now that I’ve bought glasses while here, I decided to try contacts out! It is absolutely strange to be able to see things without having my glasses on, but I’m glad to have tried this out. They were not very expensive, maybe 220 kuai which is maybe 30 dollars.

My next mission is to get everyone to KTV before we leave!

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