Megan Crowley: Recent Pictures

Yesterday, I was happy to have my friend Yami visit me here.  She was in the area for a few days as part of a study trip with her program from Beijing University.  Kyle, Aurora, Qiqi, and Koltin helped me welcome her to the city, and she got to experience the Chengdu nightlife.

It’s funny to see Christmas being celebrated in China!  I know that stores in America are getting ready for the holiday, but I did not expect to see rows of lights and Christmas trees outside Raffle City Mall.

Every once in a while, we get a craving for Western food in China.  A few weeks ago, we went to the Galleria Mall near the South Railway station.  Pictured above, Aurora and I pose in front of a barbeque restaurant that has chefs to cook the meat right in front of you.

As part of our Chinese immersion, Qiqi taught us how to play majiang, a very popular game in Sichuan Province.  We have started playing almost every day.  Pictured here, Aurora, Koltin, and Qiqi play majiang with Qiqi’s tutor, Mana.

Today we had the opportunity to visit Johnny 5, a local business owned by an American from Seattle.  After living in Las Vegas for many years, he came to China and opened a doughnut shop.  He told us about his experience owning a business in China, and we also got to try some baked goods!

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