Jonathan Cruz: Equity Law Firm

I intern at Equity Law Firm in Chengdu, China. The law firm is located near Tianfu Square. I work with potential Chinese lawyers from some of the top colleges in China. Their English is pretty good! At the internship, analyze some legal cases in Chengdu and learn the difference between being a lawyer and China and the United States.

Equity Law Firm works well with my hours. I still have time to do school work without stressing out. Also, Equity Law Firm has a friendly college environment, which means that everyone is around the same age, the people there are in college or just finished college, and are very nice people, who want to talk to you and to improve their English.
Another advantage is that at Equity Law the bosses give me the opportunity for “hands on” experience. An example of that would be the “mock trial” that we as interns were participants. The case was about a man suing several businesses at a certain location due to being hit in the head by a coffee mug that had fallen from one of the businesses windows. Each American intern was given a Chinese intern as a partner and both played role in the case, either as victim or a business. The goal of our case was to get the victim to drop the sue against the business.

In summary, my internship at Equity Law has proven to be useful and interesting, and I am grateful for this opportunity!

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