Josh Wright: Food Paradise

Chengdu has been a great city so far, and I have enjoyed my time here. My favorite thing about Chengdu is the food. Within a week of arriving here I knew I loved Chinese food more than American food. My favorite thing about the food is that there is such a wide variety and you can go days or weeks without eating at the same spot.

Before I came here I enjoyed eating rice for meals so I was already prepared for the rice and noodle land that awaited me. The one thing about this that shocked me was the vast differences in fried rice from China and America. In America I usually only see egg fried rice but in China there is so many varieties of fried rice. The ones that I love the most are 回锅肉炒饭 and 甜椒肉丝炒饭.

Other than fried rice I really enjoy the Muslim food that is found around our campus. Speaking of Muslim food, when we were in Xi’an I got to visit a street that is famous for Muslim food and it deserves its fame. I do not know the name of the food I was eating a lot of the time but it was all delicious.

The final food thing that I will mention is that I tried scorpion while I was in Beijing for Labor Day at the beginning of May. The experience was something that I was looking forward to when I decided to study abroad in China as I have been interested in trying weird food. The scorpion was much better than expected and once I overcame the thought of what I was eating it was just like any other street snack. The best part was that the vendor had some scorpions on display that were not yet cooked and some were even still alive.

So far I have really enjoyed my time here, the food is good and the weather is nice. My only complaints about my time here are limited to lack of real cheese and rarity of sunshine. Those are small complaints, and one only applies to me since I love cheese. Other than those two things everything else about China has been great so far, I would love to move here in the near future to live and work.

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