Student Life: May 2016 Newsletter

This Spring Semester is spectacular! Weekdays our Center is busy with classes and activities. On weekends, our students explore Chengdu: Panda Center, Jinli Street, Tianfu Square, Wide and Narrow Alley, Wenchu Monastery and even Xi’an by train, for a 3-day trip to enjoy the Terracotta Warriors and other sites.

We also had Buddy Nights, an Elevator Pitch, Mandarin class activities, Movie nights and a Potluck event, all with our Chinese friends.

Buddy Programs

This semester we increased our student-to-student activities with Sichuan University and the University of Electronics, Science and Technology of China.

Our students mixed for fun and games, and SCU students visited our Center’s Mandarin classes for guided interaction.

These buddy programs improve everyone’s language ability and deepen our cross-cultural understanding.

Elevator Pitch

Creativity. Thinking fast. Being persuasive. Our Professional Development students joined with their SCU partners and «pitched» products like cell phones. Some of our students used the style of Madison Avenue’s «Mad Men.»

The groups came up with some clever, if somewhat crazy, ideas for marketing.

Family Visits

American students and Chinese families got a chance to get to know one another.

Several Chinese families welcomed us into their homes for a unique people-to-people experience.

Xi’an Trip

Xi’an is the ancient Chinese capital and the site of a stone city wall and moat, a palace, and of course the terracotta warriors. These warriors are life-sized clay statues, and the scene is magnificent.

We took the overnight train to Xi’an, in order to experience China’s most popular form of mass transportation. That, too, was an adventure.

The rain did not dampen our spirits!

Xi’an is where the famous Silk Roads began, the roads crossing all of Asia to Europe.

Hobbyist astronomers in the Muslim Quarter.

We sampled tasty food in the exotic Muslim Quarter.

Welcome, Mandy!

Mandy is our Student Life Coordinator, helping our students adjust to China and make the most of their daily experiences.

Mandy earned her graduate degree at Sichuan Normal University’s Foreign Affairs Department. Her hobbies include basketball, running, dancing, and cultural travel. 

Internship Updates

Our students are preparing for their future careers – and bulking up their resumes – with hands-on experience in China.

Our Center coordinates internships in various fields. This semester, our students interned at the De Heng Law Firm, Equity Law Firm, the Qingsu Vocational School and the Zongbei Elementary School.

Sabrina Wicker had a new internship with EffectMobi, and Salma Hbaich started with the Rui Teng Studio.

As Jonathan Cruz said, interning at Equity Law:

One advantage is that the supervisors give me the opportunity for “hands on” experience with our “mock trial.” The case was about a man suing several businesses at a certain location due to being hit in the head by a coffee mug that had fallen from one of the businesses windows.

Each American intern was given a Chinese intern as a partner and both played role in the case, either as victim or a business. The goal of our case was to get the victim to drop the lawsuit against the business.

University Visits

Dr. Anne Miksza, Assistant Director of Study Abroad from Fairleigh Dickinson University, visited our FDU students, receiving positive and enthusiastic feedback about the program.

Below, Dr. Miksza, second from left, celebrates with our Center’s faculty, staff and FDU students.

Student Blogs

Many of our students have written blogs, some with photographs and others with more written material. Student blogs are posted on g-MEO’s website (, pictures and comments are uploaded to g-MEO’s Facebook page (

If you have either Wechat or Weibo, scan the QR code on the right to follow us, and keep up with what is going on at the Center!

Photography Contest


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