Jonathan Cruz: My Life in China

My journey inChina was something that I and most people in the states can only dream of.

When I first got to China I was a bit scared because it is a foreign country and I was not sure if I would like being in China. I was not the only American student to come to China with G-Meo. I came to China with 17 other American students whom I do not regret meeting. And I also met many great Chinese students.

When I got here, G-Meo had several trips planned for us to get the most out of being in china, from going to many of the top things to do in China to getting use to the difference in food for china. Those plans also helped me get over the jetlag when I got off the plane because it forced me to stay up during the day and to sleep at night time. After the first few days of being in China, I acclimated to being here, in Chengdu.

We even made a trip to Xi’an. For those of you who do not know Xi’an, it is the city that holds the unofficial 8th wonder of the world, the Terracotta Warriors. Going to see the Terracotta Warriors was on my personal to do list while I was in china, so I was glad I was able to see the warriors with everyone I came to China with.

Shortly after the trip toXi’an, I made one more trip outside the city of Chengdu, and that was to go to Beijing -shown above.

I intern at Equity Law Firm, it’s a small law firm. There at the Equity Law Firm, I and a few others work with potential Chinese lawyers from some of the top colleges inChina, who speak better English than expected. The internship has shown me that there are a few differences in Chinese law compared to American law. As the days of returning home gets near, I will miss being in Chengdu, China.


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