Nadia Joseph: My Internship

I am very pleased with my experience at the internship. The faculty at Equity law firm is exceptional and working with them was my pleasure. I also liked that they had a handful of Chinese interns as well. It was interesting talking with them about the differences in American and Chinese universities.

I also learned a lot about the differences in Chinese and American law. One of my favorite days at the internship we had a mock trial. We were each assigned a role such as defendant or plaintiff and had to look up laws to back up our cases. I found it funny how when we had to present our cases us American interns had referred to American tort law and the Chinese interns referred to Chinese public law. Overall the mock trial was very informative and hilarious to take part in.

Another fun day with the internship they took us to a beautiful public park that was about an hour drive away. There they gave us a huge dinner and some of the faculty put on performances.

Some people sang, some people danced, and one guy even did a performance with numb chucks. It was fun to see the social sides of our instructors at the firm. Other days at the internship we watched Chinese movies and TV shows (with English subtitles of course) that showed us Chinese law and even a little bit of Chinese comedy.

This internship has definitely taught me a lot; not only about Chinese law, but Chinese culture as well. It was interesting to compare what I learned aboutChinafrom my international law class to the experiences and views of the faculty at the law firm. Learning about china’s criminal justice system from a textbook was not nearly as informative as learning from an actually Chinese law firm.

Our instructors had just as many questions about American law as we had about Chinese law. We both learned a lot from each other. We talked about things ranging from the way the trials run to the differences in our death penalty laws. Coming toChinaalong with being a part of this internship has definitely increased my interest in international law and traveling the world.

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