Joe Nguyen: Immersed in Internship

Nadia, Jonathan, Joe, and a Chinese lawyer at Sichuan Equity Law Firm

As the weeks passed in China, I became more involved in my academics and my after class activities. Specifically, I have become more involved in my internship. During my stay inChina, I have been interning at the Sichuan Equity Law Firm. At the law firm, there are also other students fromSichuan Universityand the G-MEO study abroad program. This gave me comfort because I initially thought that I was going to be the only English speaking student at the law firm. With that being said, I already knew two students that were also studying at the law firm. Although I did not expect to be good friends with them by the end of the semester, Jonathan and Nadia attended the law firm regularly and studied Chinese law with me.

As the weeks continued to pass inChina, the students fromSichuanUniversityand G-MEO both continued to learn more about Chinese law and the Sichuan Equity Law Firm. Some topics that were taught included Chinese tort law and Chinese public law. The supervisors in the law firm taught us these subjects by providing us legal cases to read and analyze.

This was interesting as these lessons gave us the opportunity to understand some of the differences between American law and Chinese law. In addition to this, students were also able to exchange their thoughts on both American and Chinese law. This was significant because this promoted healthy cultural exchange.

Aside from attending lectures about Chinese law, we were fortunate enough to watch and participate in a moot court or mock trial. The first mock trial was fun and exciting as students from G-MEO were able to test their knowledge on Chinese tort law. The second mock trial was just as enjoyable as it occurred after the law firm had a luncheon at Jiajiang District. At this mock trial, we observed theSichuanUniversitystudents demonstrating their knowledge of Chinese law. Although it went by extremely fast, I enjoyed my time studying at the Sichuan Equity Law Firm because I learned a lot about Chinese law and made many friends.


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