Student Professional Development and Internship

From Left to Right: Tyiarah Adewakun (Fairleigh Dickinson University), Sabrina Wicker (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Genesis Encarnacion (FDU), Hailey Cohen (FDU), Joe Nguyen (FDU), Nadia Joseph (St. Peter’s University), Jonathan Cruz (St. Peter’s University), Salma Hbaich (FDU).

Also pictured is Dr. Andrew Bosworth, teaching the internship course for American University, Washington, D.C.

The students above were able to spend Spring 2016 participating in internships. They gained valuable international experience and added substance to their resumes.

By way of introduction, our Professional Development and Internship class is paired with the student internship experience. We meet on Wednesday evenings to focus on maximizing the internship experience.

Above, our students at De Heng Law Firm.

Above, our students preparing for the day at the Qingsu Vocational High School.

As a regular part of the course, our students develop resumes and cover letters. They also analyze their professional and academic networks, and research interesting businesses and leaders.

Of course, we also developed many Special Events.

This Spring we attended the Chengdu Entrepreneurial Meet-up in the fashionable Tongzilin district. We listened to business leaders debate the privatization of education in China. It was a lively debate, with some speakers concerned about privatization and elitism.

We also invited Chinese participants to our Chinese Etiquette Night.

Above and below: Chinese and American etiquette and intercultural communication. Our two cultures overlap in some areas and diverge in others. Knowing where these boundaries are is vital to doing business in China.

Another successful event we hosted was Elevator Pitch. Students formed small groups, including with Chinese students whom they did not know, and drew challenges from a hat. They then had 1o minutes to think of a “Mad-Men” style sales pitch to sell a product.

Getting creative with the Elevator Pitch.

Elevator Pitch was a huge success. We will be doing it again!

We also developed the idea of an Elevator Pitch for oneself: How to package one’s strengths and profile into a quick introduction. After all, one never knows who one is going to meet.

Still another useful activity: A trip to Johnny 5 Donuts. “Johnny” came from Las Vegas on a whim, opened up a coffee and donut shop, and is now running a successful American-style business in China.

One reason I like to bring students here is because, as they are sampling tasty treats, Johnny explains how he overcame obstacles to meet all the business regulations, taxes, and labor laws. He also encountered surprising things about the Chinese customers, such as their preference for coffee beverages not in the morning but in the afternoon.

Johnny exemplifies how having a positive attitude and working with a generous spirit is key to success.

One of our students, Jonathan, also developed a new relationship with Chengdu Sports University. He is bringing New York basketball tips to China every Friday, and helping their students develop skills.

Above, Jonathan at the Chengdu Sports University.

Internships in Chengdu are both personally and professionally rewarding. New experiences. New skills. New contacts. New friends.

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