Tyiarah Adewakun: My 2 Internships

During my time here inChina, I have had the opportunity take on many different experiences. While I have been here, I have immersed myself in the food, culture, and the language. Some of my most valuable experiences yet, have taken place at my internships.

I currently participate in two internship programs that have allowed for me to grow, gain valuable skills, as well as network. One of my internships takes place at DeHeng Law Firm, where I serve as a legal intern, while the other takes place at Qing Su Vocational High, where I teach English.

DeHeng Law Firm is a full functioning law firm that provides legal counsel in all areas of law. My internship has allowed me to develop an understanding of the law inChina, specifically how the law inChina differs from that in theUnited States. While at DeHeng I have gained experience in drafting and editing legal documents and proceedings, completing legal research, and more. The experience here that I particularly appreciated was the opportunity to draft and edit legal documents. This allowed me to acquire a lot of knew information regarding procedural law inChina. I found a lot of the procedures for contract law to be interesting particularly because the Chinese tend to leave a lot of room for negotiation.

Qing Su Vocational School has assigned me two classes to teach. My two classes are very different but I viewed this as opportunity to learn and grow. The diversity among my two classes allowed me to learn how to implement different teaching methods among different students.

For example, I noticed that one group of students does well with visuals, so I prepare PowerPoint based class presentations with videos and pictures to supplement lesson plans. My other class responds well to discussion so I utilize more of a Socratic method of teaching with them. I feel that while having such different classes may have been a challenge I the beginning, it ultimately allowed me to become a better instructor. I am now able to recognize the particular needs of students and implement teaching strategies that will best suit them.

All in all, both of my experiences at my internships have been great contributions to me. I have acquired great communication skills due to the nature of my work and I value that. Aside from this, I have become great friends with many of my counterparts; this is something that I also value. While some students may view taking on two internships as a burden, it is something that I would definitely recommend to any student who has a schedule that permits such. These are experiences that you will not be able to gain anywhere else.

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