My Internship in China, by Ericka Leynes

Ericka Leynes, from St. Peters University, successfully completed an internship in Chengdu, China, with the DeHeng Law Offices.

Ericka’s summer internship and academic experience with a Professional Development class was organized by the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad.

Below, Ericka relates her internship experience.

My Internship Experience

Being able to work in DeHeng Law Offices has been an amazing experience for me. At the beginning of my internship, I did not know what as I was going to expect. I thought I was going to be left out, since I was only a junior majoring in International Business and the rest of the Chinese interns had their Master Degrees in Law.

However, Ms. Zhu introduced to some of the lawyers, secretary, and office managers. After Ms. Zhu introduced me to the staff in the firm, she let me pick where my desk to work.  I felt relaxed and the firm felt pleasant to work in.

I did not get to meet Mr. Wu the first time I started to work in DeHeng because he was away for a business trip. The following week, I got to meet him and he was friendly and introduced me to all of the lawyers and staff in the office. The tasks that I worked on included editing and drafting legal documents; giving presentations on representing the firm to international students visiting the firm; and researching about international laws and intellectual property. In addition, I got to participate in daily meeting with the lawyers and attend meetings with potential clients.

I also got the opportunity to work with four other interns; two of them were from Korea, one was from France and then the other was from Hong Kong. It was nice that I got to work with other interns in the firm.

At first, I was working part-time because I had a class in the afternoon for four days of the week. In the second week of July, I began working full-time. I looked forward to coming into work to work with the other fellow interns and to greet the other lawyers in the office. There was always an assignment for me to do with the other interns, so there was not a day where I felt bored.

This internship has provided me knowledge about intellectual property in the People’s Republic of China, in the United States, and in other countries around the world. It has also provided me a glimpse of what the life of a lawyer is like and it made me realize that I enjoy the work and the type of environment.

Even though I am majoring in International Business, I have found a career that I can combine my love for the law, travel, and business. I have decided to that I want to become an International Business Lawyer that specializes in Intellectual Property.

I am grateful to be given this opportunity to work at DeHeng Law Offices because it has helped me grow as a person, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and discover what is my passion. Everyone in DeHeng Law Offices was friendly and they made me feel welcomed. I am delighted that I got to develop a close friendly relationship with my supervisor, Mr. Wu and one of my coworkers, Mr.Yan. I am also pleased to have befriended and become close with the interns that I worked with in the firm. I am excited to use my experience that I have gained in my future career.





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