“I’ve seen things that remind me of my childhood [...] in Peru”

Hello! Friends. In today’s blog, I am going to introduce you one of the fall overseas students from G-meo. She is Kat and wrote, how her experience has been so far in this amazing country and city which is Chengdu. She studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, Florham campus. She is currently pursuing a major in History and something peculiar about her, is that she is American, Peruvian and Ukrainian. How cool is that? Pretty awesome! Anyway, I am going to let her share her experience with you!

Katherine Kurylko

“This study abroad experience has been both exciting and strangely difficult. I’ve been traveling to all over Chengdu by learning how to use the metro by means of my new Chinese friends, Olivia and Christina. Every young person I have met has been so inviting.

They free up their schedule and always offer to take us out to see the sites and even help us with mundane things like helping us find a supermarket or connect to the internet.


I’ve been also seen things that remind me of my childhood growing up in Peru that are so similar to Chengdu that I still do double takes. The fresh food available at local stalls makes me feel fantastic because they have the mini bananas and quail eggs that are both difficult to find and expensive in the U.S. which I grew up eating as a little girl. The streets are even set up the same way, with stores attached to homes run by family member alongside international businesses. Even the way People’s Park is used by Chinese citizens is similar, with their food street vendors (that double as food artisans) and public music performances by locals fills me with nostalgia and a drive to see if I can find any other similarities.

I’ve also loved people watching here, which I’m not too fond of in the U.S. The women here have such an elegant and sophisticated style that I would love to emulate someday. Everywhere I go I see women riding bikes and just stepping out for the day in clothes that I would wear to church or an interview. Arianna said it best, “we look homeless compared to them.”

Aside from that I’m always floored by the history that surrounds me, which makes sense since I’m a history major, but I get to see others enjoy it alongside me. I’m excited to continue my travels and see what else happens!”

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