“When I arrived, all my worries and stress disappeared”

Knowing G-MEO students

Hello! It is Arianna again. This week, I have the intervention of another student. Her name is Gabriela and she is a sophomore student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, metropolitan campus. She is pursuing a Bachelor in Forensic psychologic. Pretty fancy and thoughtful major. Additionally, since this semester we have many multicultural students, Gabriela does not fall behind. She was born in Poland and migrated to the United States when she was a child, so, yes my friends. She is Polish and American and of course she knows how to speak the language of Poland “bródkowy”. So, I will let you know her…

Gabriela Klipo

“My first week in China was definitely eventful. It started off horribly because I missed my first flight and arrived later than the other students, but when I arrived all my worries and stress disappeared, because I was so interested in my surroundings. After arriving at my dorms and getting settled in it, we visited the Panda Center. Other than the Pandas, I loved the bamboos and other plants that surrounded the center. I was also surprised at how clean everything was especially in the city. Even though there are some parts of the city that are bit dirty and have a smell to them, but when looking at the big picture it is outstanding how they treat the city buildings and properties. Since where I come from in Jersey you would see graffiti everywhere and trash spread all over. The traffic is a whole other story: I thought I would never be able to cross the street because of the amount of people, cars, scooters, and bikes that were just flying around in every direction. I finally had to use the crosswalks and follow the lights, but even then cars were still coming my way. The main thing that is praised upon in Chengdu is their cuisine. When I first arrived and had sat down for a meal I was a bit skeptical because the Chinese food that I am used to is completely different than what I was served. At first I played it safe to see how they cook the type of meat that I am used to such as chicken and beef. The taste was definitely not what I expected! The style of choice of spices was something I never had before – especially the spiciness.

Since I come from a Euro-pean family the only spicy things that we eat that I could think of is horse-radish and beets and may-be ketchup or mustard. After a while of being surrounded by these spices and flavors I grew to enjoy the strong spices and flavors such as ginger  (which is included in a lot of their dishes). Their desserts definitely sur-prised me too, but now I can say my favorite dessert is the rose flavored Bing Feng.                                     I hope to explore more of China’s culture and see what traditions and sense of lifestyle I could bring back with me!

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