China never ceases to amaze me, and this time it was with karaoke, here also known as KTV. The karaoke in China is a very peculiar method of entertainment. The first time you visit one you will be stunned as they are in huge buildings with many rooms of all sizes.



Upon entering, you will find long hallways filled with neon lights and many colors. It is very elegant and striking. Many people even use it as a method of closing their business contracts. It is the most used alternative for the nights of parties or social events and to which many people of all ages go.

We, thanks to our Chinese friends, had the opportunity to know the famous KTV. At first, we were very surprised, it looked so elegant and professional. We could not believe we had a private room to sing, shout, jump and have fun while we sang.


In America, karaoke is usually in the bar and you are surrounded by friends and strangers waiting for their turn to sing. In contrast, for China you have your own room, with the songs you choose and the hours you want to sing. In our KTV night with our friends we sang about 3 hours of Chinese, English and Spanish songs. It was really fun and we enjoyed it so much. We definitely are coming back more often to KTV.




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