Bargaining and discovering 3000-years of history in Xi’an

Discovering the ancient Xi’an

Last week, we did the midterm exams. After that, we had a week to relax. The G-MEO Chengdu American Center prepared a cultural excursion for us. We visited the city of Xi’an, which is known for being one of the ancient capitals of the Chinese empire and in which the terracotta warriors were found in 1974. The terracotta warriors are one of the most important cultural and archaeological discoveries in the world. They were even cataloged as cultural heritage of humanity since 1987.

The trip to this city was pleasant. For some of us, we traveled for the first time in speed train and it was very comfortable and fast. Arriving in Xi’an, we met the one who was going to be our guide, Steve. He showed us many historical places and took us to the museum where we learned a lot about the history of the emperors and how the dynasties worked. The creations of each dynasty and how the culture evolved over time. In the Terracotta Warriors Museum, the guide explained the history of this army. Emperor Qin Shi Huang made this powerful army of terracotta soldiers to protect him in the afterlife. At that time, there was a lot of belief in life after death. Something interesting about warriors is that they are all made differently, the features of the faces and small details distinguish them from each other. They also measure 1.80 meters, which is a bit surprising since they are made in a stature of a real person, they are even bigger than me.


Something I loved about Xi’an was the Muslim street, where you can find everything from food, clothes, and souvenirs. This place was full of lights, noise and very colorful. It was full of life! It reminded me a lot of street markets in Ecuador. Definitely, Xi’an was a splendid trip full of teachings and fun. Thanks, G-MEO for creating new memories for us.

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