Birthday (4x)

When I first thought about studying abroad in the fall, I immediately thought about my birthday (Nov10). I thought about how I wasn’t gonna be with my friends and family so it was going to be boring and suck. I really did think I was going to have the worst birthday.



For my surprise, it was the very opposite. I not only celebrated my birthday on my birthday but I celebrated it 4 days in a row! I got 4 different cakes! Chinese people do know how to make someone feel special on their birthday. I was so fortunate to have GMEO staff and classmates take me out to eat hot pot which was delicious in addition to having a chocolate cake with fruits! It was an amazing time.

Not for one second I felt alone or sad, I was more than happy my whole birthday weekend. We got to celebrate at local places with local friends (buddies) as well as my classmates which all got me more cake!

On my actual birthday we went on a hike to a mountain and at night had another cake. It was an ongoing weekend of celebration and I could have not been more thankful being surrounded by amazing staff and friends.

Written by: Onyx Flores, Fairleigh Dickinson University

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