ONYX’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (Outsider’s Perspective)

Last week was the birthday of one of our quirky students, Onyx! She turned 22 and wanted a big celebration. When I say big I mean that she celebrated her birthday for 4 days straight… It is true, 22 years are only fulfilled once in life and more so in China!

In this blog, I am going to share our adventure of four days of celebration with Onyx. Ready?

So, the official birthday of Onyx was last November 10th. But we started to celebrate from Thursday 8th. After receiving classes and doing our homework, at 9 o’clock at night we went to a bar known by the American community near the CDTV tower. We invited our Chinese friends because we wanted them to enjoy with us and we also wanted to teach them how to dance like Hispanics. Let me tell you, Chinese people got moves! For some reason, there is nothing our Chinese friends did wrong. At 12, Christina a local friend brought a very nice cake, and we sang happy birthday to Onyx for the first time. We had a great time: we danced, we jumped, we ate and we danced again.

On Friday, it was a little quieter. The staff of G-MEO prepared a lunch for Onyx in which we all attended. We went to a hot-pot, in which we shared time eating and talking. The center also bought a cake for Onyx, and after having eaten, we sang happy birthday for the second time.
It is worth mentioning that the hotpot was delicious, but I think I ate too much because I was feeling super full. Same day, at night, we went to dinner with our Chinese friends to a Mexican place, since they have never tasted Mexican food. We introduced them to the world of burritos (heaven for me), tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas… VIVA MEXICO! None of us are Mexicans, all of us love their food. Additionally, we bought a small cake for Onyx and we sang happy birthday for the third time…

Saturday, current birthday of Onyx. We had a trip to Qingcheng mountain. What a nice way to spend your birthday in the nature, right? Breathing fresh air… sharing time with friends… climbing 300 steps… oh wait! Mistake! It was not 300, it was 3000! Or more, who knows at this point. Someone messed up when putting that announce at the entrance of the climbing route. I do not lie to you if I tell you I still feel pain in my legs. If we would not have got the cable car, we would have probably still been on the mountain… no kidding! But the trip was worth it, we really enjoyed and appreciated the beautiful things that China and Chengdu offer us.

Oh! I am forgetting. Upon returning, a friend of ours had bought another cake for Onyx.

Yeah, A-N-O-T-H-E-R cake… We sang for the FOURTH TIME!!  At that moment, all of us had already increased more than 2 pounds because the cakes.

Finally, on Sunday we devoted ourselves to rest and we just went out for a moment to relax and stroll along Chunxi Road! It should be noted that 11.11., a great event in China for singles, was being celebrated. For this reason, Chunxi Road was flooded with people. It reminded me of Black Friday in America.

That was basically our adventure for Onyx’s birthday. Thank God on Sunday there was no more cake,


I do not know if I had a voice to sing for the fifth time

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