Kathryn Calenberg-Laviola:We Had Fun Opera and BBQ Nights

This week we got to experience Chinese theater when going to the Sichuan Opera. Song, dance, and acrobatics were magnificently showcased. Brilliant colors painted the faces of the actors while dressed dazzling clothes as they danced across the stage. As we watched the various performances we sat back and relaxed while we snacked on sunflower seeds and sipped on our freshly brewed hot tea.


Later, as the week unfolded, we went out with our Chinese buddies and went to KTV (Karaoke). There we got our own room and sang a mixture of Chinese and English songs. The mood was cheery as we exchanged songs that we knew and sang along to them.


A Chinese intern from G-MEO introduced some of us to his friend who is from a media industry. Eight lucky people in our group got to contribute in a video: “foreigners try Chinese snacks”. We got to the shoot and tried new and yummy snacks. It fun to try each of them and give our opinions. It was so nice of them to invite us. Afterwards, they gave us a gift of some of the snacks we tried and some additional snacks, they even took us out to eat dinner with them and we had BBQ.


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