Dejah S. Smith: Chengdu: Familiar Yet Different

In New York, where I frequent, has little areas around the city that is supposed to represent a whole culture. In lower Manhattan lies Chinatown, where tourists come in to take pictures and eat “Chinese” food. I can admit that I was like that at one point, but now that I am actually in China I feel like these little towns are not a great representation of China.

Living on a Chinese campus is nothing like an American campus. Sichuan campus is part of the community. There is a hospital, bus stops, small family stores, phone store, and etc. right on campus. In the morning I see the elderly practice Tai Chi or taking their grandchildren to play, and throughout the day kids play basketball. I love how connected everything is. I feel like every day there is something new to find or do on and off campus. Even though I have only been here a month I feel like I have been here longer because of the G-MEO staff and the people who own the restaurants I frequent a lot. Though I speak little Chinese and they speak little or no English at all we communicate through small gestures. I hope I continue to enjoy China.

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