Amelia Chumney: Internship at DeHeng Law Offices

I am a law intern at DeHeng Law Offices, where I help to clarify and condense English contracts and aid my supervisor by writing reports on contracts and legal relationships between clients. Every week, my internship supervisor gives me an assignment to work on in addition to helping attorneys if they need a native English speaker. DeHeng Law Offices is a corporate law firm, so every time I get a new assignment, I learn more about business and administrative law in both China and America.

I was very excited to earn this internship because of my interest in the legal industry in my host and my home countries. I know I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity because it’s incredibly difficult for a freshman to get an internship like mine. I enjoy helping attorneys with English content because I love using language as a communicative and cultural tool, and the tasks I’m assigned weekly are teaching me skills which I can take with me into my career even if I don’t go to law school.

My internship will extend into the summer. When I leave, I will have worked at DeHeng Law Offices for about six months. I’m looking forward to the new experiences I will gain in the firm before I go home.

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