Zia Moore: Stepping Stones to My Future

Greeted by my future, I quickly realized that this was it. As I entered the office of the Zhonghao Law Firm, I instantly felt at home. I knew from that point on that I made the right decision to accept this opportunity and use it to help me reach my ultimate career goal. As everyone’s first day is, mine was overwhelming and filled with anxiety. I knew I wanted to make a great impression on the firm and take advantage of all that was to come. Some of my responsibilities at the firm includes, reviewing and analyzing cases, discussing and demonstrating understanding of legal terms and laws, assisting my mentor in various projects, and helping her with her English.

My mentor Jean and I established a great foundation following my first assignment. I was asked to analyze a case and to bring in my notes so we could further discuss it and I could understand the basis of the cases as well as the laws involved. I was immediately discouraged once I begin to work on the case because it was my first time being exposed to that kind of content and it was difficult for me to understand most of the terms. I also struggled to depict what was important and what was not. As overwhelming as it became, I stuck it through and return the following day. To my surprise, despite not being able to comprehend most of the material, Jean was understanding and helped me work through the cases page by page. From then on, our work relationship has gotten stronger. She makes sure to take out the time and breakdown various business laws, court procedures, and legal terms until I fully understand all the basis of the cases. Everyday that I leave the office I feel more and more confident and ready to tackle the next task.

Prior to accepting the internship, I made Jean aware that business law was not of my complete interest and that I would have preferred to learn more about criminal law. In order to please my interests, Jean has now allowed me to explore more of the criminal law side of things and has helped me to her best ability. Regardless of what kind of law I am studying during my time here in Chengdu, I still appreciate the opportunity as well all the knowledge and experience I am gaining by having such a great attorney mentor me. I aspire to be a civil rights and juvenile lawyer after attending law school. After gaining experience and recognition I plan to become a politician and possibly running for local office. My short terms goals consist of applying for the 4+1 program at my home school, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and obtaining my Bachelor’s in Political Science and my Master’s in Criminal Justice. I then intend to study law overseas and work as a paralegal throughout law school. My plans for my future are very important to me because I want to ensure that I am pushing myself to my full potential. I want to take advantage of all the skills, experience and knowledge I can in order to meet my ultimate career goals. Interning at the Zhonghao Law Firm here in Chengdu is just the beginning and I intend to take make use of all the connections I have made and will make in my remaining time here.

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