Emmanuel: My Day with the Local Middle School Children

I never thought I would say this but… I would like to become a teacher. More specifically, an Elementary School English Teacher! These children really changed my attitude towards being a teacher. These kids have so much energy and talent and know so much English! I am utterly dumbfounded by the fact they know a second language so well! I keep reminiscing my childhood years and wondering how I could have passed up learning my Filipino heritage and language.  Did you know that by the time these kids are done with primary school, they will have learned and memorized a little over two thousand characters? That is an amazing feat in itself!

Okay, so here is a little background information on the event: my fellow G-MEO students Victoria Bishop and Opemipo Sokan, students from LSU, ASU, as well as two British students all came to volunteer and not only enjoy a talent show, but also show some of our talents at a local middle school.  We were essentially helping improve the children’s’ English and let them practice their English skills with us.

We were welcomed by a huge gathering of little smiling faces and a big group of parents holding big bags of gifts and huge professional cameras just snapping at our every move! Once we were welcomed and given complimentary food and water, we were assigned two little children, Jacob and Mamie, who escorted us around their school to show us where everything is and give us seats for the talent show. These kids were so adorable and had many talented performances that the group was so amazed, we had to give it our best to make these kids happy! Halfway through the talent show, we were asked to come up to the stage and introduce ourselves. Once we introduced ourselves and stated where we were from we were given the opportunity to perform for the kids, so we chose to dance to “Gangnam Style”! We had the children and the parents dancing with us but eventually the dance just got out of control and the kids began to outperform us so we gave up and took video evidence of their superior style!!!

After the Talent Show was over, we were taken to their classrooms where the children showed us some more of their talents such as: singing, dancing, acting, and telling stories of a special day IN ENGLISH! Now tell me how many kids in America can do that? These children and how enthusiastic they are to show off their English language skills amazes me! Here is a little clip of some of the kids singing.  This one is in Chinese though, but still cute nonetheless.

After all their performances were done and we were out of talents to show them, we thought we were headed off but the classroom of kids really wanted to see my basketball skills so they challenged me to a game of b-ball. These kids were jumping on my back, holding my legs, and “attempting” to jump and block my shot, but in the end I prevailed. Now that I look back, maybe I should have let them win that game… Nah. ^_^

These kids really enjoyed our company and before parting with them, I had a celebratory photo with a few of the kids.  They gave me parting gifts: a tea set, a big bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a writing journal, Chinese art pieces, a bottle of soda, and so much more. I had such an enjoyable time with these kids.  I hope to come back and perhaps teach English as a second language or maybe become a primary school teacher.

I hope you enjoyed my latest adventure and make sure to keep up with my next post!  Thanks again!

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