Emmanuel: A Modern Day Chinese Wedding

Hello all!

My new destination has led me to a wonderful Chinese modern day wedding in the beautiful Henan Province. The newly wed couple invited me to their wedding a month prior and I finally got to go to their spectacular wedding! It was truly an amazing experience and made me very anxious about my future and whether I should have my wedding in China when I do.

So for this blog post, I will be talking about my experience with a modern day Chinese wedding!

There is a lot of food throughout the whole entire day for everybody involved. From beginning to end, there is loud music (a whole marching band and fiddler group), lots of fireworks and a truck with an artillery cannon shooting off, random people joining in the festivities, and cameras (LOTS OF EM).

In this photo: The groom waits for his soon-to-be wife to get ready and while he waits, he eats and enjoys some “elixir” to cut the edginess of what is to come!

In this photo: The groom is made fun of and eventually gets beat up by his groomsmen and friends (to remind him not to get married again).  Also he eventually looked like a clown at the end of the little march down to their new house.

In this photo: My girlfriend wanted retribution since I took a surprise picture of her. Here, Matt and I are in our “suit and tie” and are surprisingly one of the few people wearing dress clothes besides the groom and their immediate families. We both were given pockets of time to go up stage and give our congratulations to the newly weds because we were the only two foreigners there… Lol. We were one of four people to be allowed to give them a “toast”! What an honor!

In this photo: My amazing girlfriend and the lovely bride in her house getting ready for the wedding. It seems as though the wedding is a whole day thing, where the whole town is involved. There were a lot of people and there literally was a parade just for them. It was amazing!

In this video: The groom goes down the aisle to meet his soon-to-be wife and his future father-in-law. A very audio/video visual spectacle it was!

In this video: The bride and groom both go up the aisle to become officially married by the MC. Check out the “Westernization” at the end of the aisle. Lol…

In this photo: My girlfriend’s friend from high school and I give a toast to the newly weds and to our new friendship between each other; a common act in China when we sit at a table together. The people in China are very hospitable and friendly despite what you may have heard in the media. These were great people to hang around with and very welcoming!

So that’s some of my observations from the wedding, if you have any questions in regards to the wedding and how everything went “in detail” then please feel free to ask questions below in the comments section and I will respond to you as soon as possible! Stay tune for my next blog! I will be in the land of the Terracotta Warriors!

English Name: Emmanuel Nino Aurigue

Chinese Name: 郭曼宁

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