Maman Cisse: Best Internship Opportunity Ever

The saying goes, “good or big things comes to those who try.”  Well, I have tried and it came to me with multiple useable wings. How many study abroad programs do you know that search for great internships for their students? My answer is one out of five. When I first visited g-MEO, I saw internships offered to student.  At first, I thought it was just to intrigue scholars to join the program. That was one wrong judgmental moment, because I have begun my first and ever internship at Deheng Law Offices here in Chengdu.  Deheng Law Offices is known nationwide and in so many countries.  They are located in New York, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, and even in Australia, not to mentioned New Delhi and Japan.  This opportunity came to me so easily, because otherwise how would I have been able to access such a high-end law office internship?  This is the beginning of a new chapter which will hopefully lead to many more.

On the first day at Deheng Law Offices, Mr. Yuhong Wu surprisingly did not even interview me. He believes in the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad program and there is a strong trust link between the law office and the program.  All students from g-MEO are respected and perceived grandiosely. I honestly consider myself as one of the luckiest people.  I have always wanted to be part of something that has to do with immigration law and legal justice, but it was not my desire; I just wanted to do it because I thought I would be cool. However, this week proved me wrong again.  This is something I want to pursue, and I can feel that this is the right field for me; at least now I am more positive about where I am going and have a clearer picture of what I want to be.  My duty in the office is to do some legal research about “how to fight and what exactly can an attorney do to help their clients in visa rejection or refusal.  The petition is to regulate US visa appeal.”  I only go to the office twice a week, but I try more than my best to keep up with that research because I love what I am doing. If in any case one of my past professors read this blog, they will be amazed because I am sort of popular for loathing research papers. However, they will undeniably be content of my change. As this proverb in French says “Sauf les imbecile ne change pas” (unless the fool does not change).

As weeks go by, my experience here in China becomes more and more worthy, fascinating, and beneficial for my future. I am truly hoping that this program expands. As things go – and it does – anywhere I or any of the participants go in this world searching for a job, we will not struggle as much as other scholars with the same diploma. This journey will be our key to opening many doors that will lead to success.

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