Maman Cisse: An Unchangeable Experience

This semester abroad will remain as the most unforgettable semester throughout my entire life.  This experience will make me stand out among my friends: how many people from my home university can say they have studied abroad in Chengdu, China and had an internship at Deheng Law office?  I realized the benefits that I have been gaining from this experience and how it will continue. Disregarding the academic values I have gained, I have established friendships that I would not exchange for anything.  The g-MEO program has helped me make friends and family, not acquaintances; we are bound together as one.  It is as if we all knew each other before, which will make leaving China difficult.  As a family, we are always ready to comfort and help one another in all types of situations.  I am extremely blessed to have met these people, especially when it comes to my health.  They are always ready to come to my aid whenever I need them.

Although I want to go home because there is nothing like home, I must admit that I will indeed miss Chengdu (I definitely will not miss the pollution and the squatter, though!).  Yet, I will, and already do, miss the Chinese friends I have encountered.  As for my g-MEO friends, I am sure I will see them again in the United States.  This program has helped me developed so many positive things that I never thought I possessed.  What makes my life in China special is the friends I am making, being able to manage differences I have with other people, and finally being able to embrace the new person I have become.  I am impatient to go back home, school, and tell my family and friends all about life in Chengdu, China. Most importantly, I cannot wait to update my resume with all these great experiences that I have received this past semester.

The only unpleasant thing about my life in China, which I would never want to live ever again, is the pollution.  As an asthmatic person, some days has been very difficult for me.  I never had to worry so much about going outside and wonder if I am going to have an asthma attack.  It is the worst feeling anyone has to experience.  On the other hand, the program has the best doctor in Chengdu (the Global Doctors Clinic and with HTH Insurance that covers all the expenses).  Also, the g-MEO main office has bottles of oxygen that are always available in case of emergencies, which has come to aid several times.

Besides the pollution that is trying to make my life here in Chengdu sort of bitter, there is nothing much more unpleasant about my experience to tell.  It is, however, unfortunate to know that all this great adventure is coming to an end in less than four weeks.  But all good things comes to an end somehow.  If I have to do it all over again, I would; I would just be a little bit more prepared next time.

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